Yellow color meaning

Do you want to know yellow color meaning? Yellow color symbolize:

  • Sun  
  • Joy
  • Shine  
  • Hope  
  • Creativity


yellow              yellow bild



Yellow is the color of gold, solar light and creative intelligence. Walls painted in yellow, show that you’re happy and you are feeling good with yourself. If you want to feel the pleasure of life, then definitely yellow is the right color for you.


yellow1             yelloww


Yellow is also known as the color of creativity and new ideas. It represents the mind and intelligence and inspires curiosity and originality.


Z-202a 0001




Make use of strong yellow color to bright your environment. For this reason it is an ideal choice for breakfast rooms, when sunlight is missing. Also it is a brilliant choice for kitchens.

Yellow should definitely be combined with a cold colors like ….


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