Orange Paint Colors – The color of happiness

  • Interior of a hall with a soft zone

    Interior of a hall with a soft zone


  • Optimistic
  • Nice
  • Communication

It is no coincidence that orange color takes its name from the orange. Orange color is closely related to happiness and health. People who love orange color are characterized by comfort, abundance, insist, friendly, independence and hot.


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Make use of the color orange as dominant in the rooms where you want to inspire creativity, such as living rooms. It would be really nice if a trend combine nicely with the color walls.



Orange will make you feel better emotionally and will bring joy in your life. It is a very recommended color to be used for bedrooms as it removes stress. This color is recommended also to be used for children rooms as may help to increase their fantasy. Orange is the color of optimism. Orange is also well known as a color which stimulates appetite. The kitchen will encourage people around the table to extend conversations and eat and drink more. Attention to the people who want to drop weight, this may be definitely a wrong choice for you!


zyra orange

kitchen ora

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