Best Paint Colors For Living Room

There are so many colors of paint available in the market today and finding the perfect shade of paint for living room can seem like a daunting task. It isn’t that difficult as you might think. All you have to do is to find a shade that can mix harmoniously on your living room wall. Here are some tips to find the perfect shade of paint for your living room:

Choose complementary shades:  Opposites attract is not a rule that applies to only magnets, but works perfectly for paint colors. It is not difficult to find a paint color wheel from shops that sell popular brands of paint. When put together, they can help choose the best shades of paint that can help your living room standout. You can mix a cool shade with a warm color by mixing and matching the accessories in your room.  Always choose a color that is contrast to the woodwork in your room.

Opt for bright colors: Bright colors can add new life to the living room. When you choose colors, remember the fact that the shade of paint of walls will be more intense than that you see on the color chart. Violet can be good shade for your room when the furniture of your room are Yellowish- White. With the right shades of paint, a room can invigorate and inspire you. A lively room starts with energetic colors as bright red, blue and orange.

Interior of a hall with a soft zone

Experiment: If you are undecided on the colors, do not hesitate to experiment. Try out your shade in a small room to see how the room would look like before trying on the living room wall

Give attention to shades of paint in other rooms: The transitioning color from one room to another must look good. You must consider the shades used in other rooms when you choose a paint shade for your living room. It may not look good to have bright red in one room and bright orange in another.

Get use of technology: There are apps in the market that enable you to have a look at your room with new shades of paint. Snap a photo of the living room and use specific apps to color it with the shade you like. This will give a look and feel before you really paint your living room. You can also share your shade selection pictures with experts to guide you better.

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