Best Paint Colors For Bedrooms

When it comes to choosing the best paint color for your bedroom, it can be bit of a challenge. There are so many choices today in the paint world that we may end up being lost. However, with right help you can choose the right paint shade that can accentuate the beauty of the bedroom:

Finalize on the things that will be in your bedroom: Changing the paint if you don’t like it may be easy but it is not worth the hassle involved. Whether you are buying a new house or repainting your old bedroom, finalize on the things that will be in your bedroom. Carpets, furniture, wall paper, lampshade and other items in the bedroom need to be finalized before you make the final decision on the paint shade.

Choose a color scheme wisely: Choose a formal or casual style and finalize on the theme of the room. English Garden, Country home, Sweet Dreams, Spring, Cloudy day are some of the common themes. Blue color shades generally have a calming effect. A bright shade can keep you up at night. Another option is to go with neutral shades and make it more attractive with artwork, wallpapers, mirrors and photographs. Bedding and decorative design pillows can add a pompous look.

Choose the right light: Depending on the paint colors, your bedroom can turn light or dark. To make you rest, read and relax, you need appropriate lightning. Besides the bedside lighting, choose scones and recessed lighting for your room and let there be even lighting throughout the room.


Unfinished look for the roof: You can give an unfinished look to the roof and add visual height when you paint the roof with dark shades. Paint the rest of the walls with normal light shades. This way you can add a stunning look and illuminate the bedroom with extraordinary shades.  Blackberry shade for roof and white shade for walls and interlude for the flooring can add a striking look to your room.

For a tranquil look: To make your paradise a tranquil one, you can use tints and shades of a single color. Scenic prints and interesting mix of accessories of the same shade can provide a calming effect to your bedroom. Linen white, White dove and Smoke Infusion are all some of the most tranquil shades to consider.

Invigorate your bedroom with new ideas. Get tips on latest trends and see how you can blend the trend with things in your bedroom.

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